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For better foreign investment attraction and targeting
Foreign Direct Investment data at the sectoral level, combined with foreign affiliates, trade flows and tariffs information.

New update in Trade Map as of 6 December 2017
12/12/2017 10:00:00 AM

You will find here the list of the last monthly and quarterly data updates.
The Investment Map database collects yearly FDI statistics for about 200 countries and detailed FDI sectoral and/or country breakdown for about 115 countries.
The Investment Map helps Investment Promotion Agencies identify priority sectors and competing countries for foreign investments, as well as existing and potential foreign investors. Moreover, it helps companies identify potential locations for investment abroad.

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Latest FDI statistics available in Investment Map
Most important inward FDI flow and stock figures
in 2012 in Thailand

Most important partner countries
green positive arrowJapanStockUS$57627 millions+20%
green positive arrowSingaporeStockUS$33314 millions+21%

Most important sectors of destination
green positive arrowFinanceStockUS$45027 millions+19%
green positive arrowMachinery and equipmentStockUS$21991 millions+19%

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